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For tourist groups

- pre-order recording 66 25 84 (artistic director)

Cultural and leisure program “At the State Center and Maystroi”:

  • "Well of desires"
  • visit to the ethnic house
  • craft workshops (weaving, straw, weaving, ceramics, floristry)
  • exhibition and sale of handicrafts "from the hands of the master"
  • Presentation of ceramic souvenirs “Rook”
  • duration is 1 hour.

For tourist groups:

- reservation by reservation 66 25 84 (tour guide)

Group thematic tour:

  • story about a monument of architecture
  • visiting the exhibition halls
  • craft workshops (weaving, straw, weaving, ceramics, floristry)
  • visit to the ethnic house
  • courtyard tour with "Well of Desires & raquo
  • duration 40 minutes 

Thematic tour of the exhibition:

  • viewing exhibits
  • accompanying detailed story about objects of decorative and applied art
  • duration 30 minutes

For newlyweds:

reservation by appointment 66 25 84 (methodologist)

Organization and conduct of the wedding ceremony "Matchmaking in the Vitebsk region" with the participation of the folk song ensemble "Syabryna":

  • meeting with Belarusian rushnyks
  • wedding songs dancing
  • giving comic gifts
  • cooking a wedding dish
  • duration 30 minutes

Required paraphernalia for the wedding ceremony:

  1. Honey (a small jar)
  2. Cheese (200 g slice.)
  3. Beetroot (fresh, 1 pc.)
  4. Cabbage (head of cabbage)
  5. Thread (ball, knitting)
  6. Jam (small jar)
  7. Pennies
  8. Onion (onion, 1 pc.)
  9. Porridge (any in a pot, 2 teaspoons)
  10. Towel.

The civil rite of the "Yadnanna the Young":

The service is designed to strengthen family traditions. The service is provided both in the open area (compound of the complex) and in the exhibition hall.

The civil rite of the “Yadnanna the Youngest” includes:

  • venue theme
  • meeting at the gates of the newlyweds and guests
  • building the "Gate of Happiness"
  • familiarization with the territory of the complex
  • music registration
  • duration 1 hour

Ensuring the solemn atmosphere of registration of marriage using the arch, the solemn registration of marriage:

  • sound design
  • duration 1 hour.

For residents and visitors of the city of Vitebsk:

Master classes, exhibitions

During the master class, everyone will not only learn how to make an original product easily and in a short time, but also be able to present their own gifts to friends and relatives. And also they will be a great addition to any interior.