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State institution “Cultural and historical complex“ Golden Ring of the city of Vitebsk “Dvina” is a club-type culture institution and performs cultural, educational, research, consulting and methodological functions, the activities of which are aimed at preserving, developing and promoting the best folk traditions.

The cultural and historical complex is located in the building of the reconstructed architectural monument of the eighteenth century. - a complex of three buildings of former salt warehouses on the right bank of the Western Dvina.

Initially, the institution was called the Zadvinie Center for Folk Crafts and Arts and was created by the decision of the Vitebsk City Executive Committee of November 3, 1994 No. 524 with the aim of reviving, studying, preserving and developing folk art and craft, incorporating Belarusian folk traditions, rites and customs for organizing versatile leisure for city residents, raising children and youth. On the basis of the decision of the Vitebsk city executive committee dated May 31, 2010 No. 754, the Center for Folk Crafts and Arts "Zadvinie" was renamed to the Center for Folk Crafts and Arts "Dvina". In accordance with the decision of the Vitebsk city executive committee of February 25, 2011 No. 246, the State institution "Cultural and historical complex" Golden Ring of the city of Vitebsk "Dvina" was created on the basis of the Center for Folk Crafts and Arts "Dvina".

The institution is conducting expeditionary research among the city population in search of masters and amateur artists. The institution stimulates the revival and development of local types of folk art, nominates masters for admission to the Belarusian Union of craftsmen.

The institution carries out research work on the study of various areas of folk art, has scientific and methodological funds of the best examples of works of folk artists and amateur artists, historical objects of local life, archaeological materials. Systematic work is underway on processing stock materials, a chronicle of the activities of masters and amateur associations of the institution.

One of the objectives of the institution is to attract the masses of the population to the traditional art, especially children and youth. To this end, circles on traditional crafts, amateur associations and amateur art groups work for free.

The institution employs highly qualified specialists in folk art, leading masters - members of the Belarusian Union of Artists and the Belarusian Union of craftsmen, laureates of many competitions and festivals who pass on their experience and knowledge to young generations.

On the second floor of the administrative building of the cultural and historical complex is the cafe of national cuisine "Zadvinie".

The institution has a salon-shop of folk crafts on the street. Suvorov, 3 tel. 35 90 56. The store sells products of decorative and applied art.





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